Motion Design: Inventing a New Introduction

Updated: May 30, 2020

Galaxy Design Graphics (GDG) is a Toronto-based startup that focuses on creating digital content and aid clients in accomplishing their marketing and branding goals. The small business also engages with others online through blog posts and videos; using Youtube as the most common platform.

Being one of the most popular video platforms, Youtube is replete with passionate creators and astounding visuals. As I interned at GDG, I proposed that I would animate an introductory segment for the Youtube videos because every great video requires a strong beginning. To accomplish this, I utilized After Effects to animate the business's logo; basing its style on a particular Youtube tutorial on motion graphics (

My supervisor required an animation with more complexity and a cinematic feel. After consultation, I followed through the tutorial and added particles for stars and fulfill the business's name, Galaxy Design Graphics. Other motion graphics and sound effects were added to create two versions of the final animation.

My supervisor was enthusiastic about these animations, and they are currently being used for the startup's future Youtube videos.