Concept: Finding Balance for a Wellness Center

Wellness and health are popularly associated with balance and the natural balance. My supervisor, my co-worker, and I at Galaxy Design Graphics were tasked with conceptualizing a logo, that grasps notions of peace and healing, for a new wellness relaxation center. The client asked for a symbol that represents the four elements of water, earth, fire, and air; ones that were popularized since Greek mythological times.

We asked ourselves, “How do we incorporate the four elements into an icon that is recognizable yet represents a special identity?” While searching for inspiration, I encountered the symbols of the fire, air, water, and earth from a renowned animated television show, Avatar: the Last Airbender.


I drew inspiration from the show’s simplistic strokes with their symbols that are reminiscent of logograms. Afterwards, it was only a matter of uniting the elements together to create a symbol of wellness and healing.

As drafts were made, intention within design was kept in mind. I aimed to develop an icon that symbolizes the client's business of wellness and healing. Connecting the four elements in the circle of life was my approach in proposing an idea to the client.

Product mock-ups created with Adobe Dimension

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